Petrol Station

There has been a petrol station on this site since the early 1940’s. Since 1996 we have sold Murco fuels, which in Ethical Consumer is rated the highest standard of all fuel companies.

It was the first site in the UK to sell blended biodiesel and the first in Gloucestershire to sell unleaded fuel.

The panacea that was biofuels is gradually receding as realisation dawns that there is not enough land to meet the ever increasing demand for fuel - we need to be more economical with our use of fuel!

We supply a full range of fuels:

  • Unleaded petrol
  • Ultra low sulphur diesel
  • Liquid petroleum gas (Auto Gas)
  • Red diesel
  • Paraffin
  • Calor gas (Butane and Propane)
  • Logs and kindling
  • Wood pellets 

Account facilities are available

The fuel shop sells a complete range of car care accessories, as well as snacks, newspapers, greetings cards,  tobacco, sweets and a range of general groceries.

In addition we stock a wide range of environmentally friendly products.  This includes organic bread, fair trade and organic teas and coffees, locally made cakes, honey, jam and meat.  Also natural cleaning products, pastas and pasta sauces, soups, cheese and milk.

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Petrol Station

Mon - Fri : 7am till 6pm
Sat : 8am till 6pm
Sun : 9am till 1pm


Mon - Fri : 8am till 6pm
Sat : 8am till 1pm
Sunday : Closed

All major credit & debit cards accepted

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